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Honus Wagner's vintage baseball card sells for $6.6 million

I know we just recently had a record-setting sports card sale blog. But, as we’ve pointed out in the past, things are moving fast in the sports card business, especially when the time comes to buy/sell. We’ve spoken a bit about Honus Wager before in previous blogs, and I’m glad we did so then because his old T206 card is currently at the top of the heap, standing above all the others.

Now, usually, I would take a deep dive into the card itself and how it was able to sell for so much, but this time, I’m doing things a little differently. This time, I’m going to just pitch the ball and let you take a walk around the bases yourself, so to speak. If you’re interested, keep reading.

If you search breaking news in the sports card industry, you’ll find that Honus Wagner is more popular now than ever, with the sale of his 1909 -1911American Tobacco Card, which sold for just over $6.6 million, a new record for baseball cards. You may remember that this was one of the cards that we covered in the Top 6 Rarest Baseball Cards blog from last year. Somehow, I had a feeling that we would be referring to that somewhere down the line. And, here we are. 

Honus Wagner

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You can find more info about Honus Wagner and the sale of his vintage card by clicking here. This ESPN blog is rich with great info/background on the legendary ballplayer and what makes his card so special that it’s now one the most valuable sports cards out there today. I think you’ll enjoy reading about it just as much as I did.

Check it out!

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