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Holiday Gift Ideas: Special Dice Bag Edition

Stocking Dice Bag

We’re back with another gift idea post to help you get inspired for the approaching gift giving season! Today we’re going to focus on the versatility of our dice bags. Now, we all know these dice bags are excellent for their intended purpose - carrying your dice and/or deck box when you’re on the go. But did you know that’s not the only thing they’re good for? There are several other unexpected things that dice bags are surprisingly perfect for. I’m going to run through a couple of these uses here, but I hope this inspires you to think of a few more creative uses that are unique to you!

  1. Animal stockings! If you celebrate Christmas, then you might want to consider getting your loving dog, cat, or other pet a personalized stocking created out of one of our dice bags.

    You could order a custom bag with one of your favorite pictures of your little buddy, or you could order one of the adorable patterned store arts we have on the site! We have new Paw Print Patterns and a Name Initial Patterns that I absolutely love.

    With a dice bag stocking, your pet gets to be part of the holiday celebrations with the rest of the family. 

  2. Gift bag! We purposely made our dice bags large so that you would be able to carry dice and a deck box with you whenever you need to travel for a game. Now because of that, they also make great gift bags!

    They can fit a lot of exciting goodies inside of them, like candy, socks, phone cases, jewelry, or whatever other small gifts you might want to give to someone in a cute, small, reusable bag! If you want to get crazy with it, you could also use them to gift someone dice and a deck box 🤯(wild idea, I know.)

  3. Gaming mouse or headphone carrier! Again, because we’ve made these dice bags large, they actually make great carrying bags for your gaming mouse or headphones if you ever need to take them traveling. The material of the dice bags is super smooth and strong, so it’s perfect for cradling your mouse or headphones in your bag while you’re on the go.

We’re sure there are countless other uses you can come up with for these bags. These are just a few of our favorites, which might come in handy this holiday season when many people are potentially decorating, thinking of gift ideas, and traveling. If you come up with any more super fun alternate uses for your dice bag, be sure to email or DM us your discovery (it might just be featured in another blog post some day)!

Until next time! 

Sarah Berge

Marketing Manager and avid dog mom at Inked Gaming

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