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High Tide with Kai Podcast: New Episodes Keep on Rollin' Out!

If you haven’t heard, Inked Gaming has started a PODCAST

Why listen to a podcast by a gaming accessory company? Well, most of us are gamers too and we have A LOT to talk about. 

Since our last blog announcement, we have released THREE more episodes. You can check them out here or search "High Tide with Kai" on your favorite podcast directory!

Episode 3: A solo cast by Mitch discussing the new Magic: The Gathering standard and why he's been playing "Rakdos Midrange!"

Episode 4: Inked Designer, Chelsie, joins Mitch as we have an introductory podcast to Chelsie, their hobbies, and what drew them to working at Inked Gaming.

Episode 5: We meet Inked Gaming's marketing manager, Sarah, as we get to know her a little better and some of the fun things that she's been up to lately, and we finish the episode with some high level Q4 marketing tips and tricks!

All of these episodes have been a joy to record. Look for more episodes releasing as we get to know more Inked Gaming staff members and friends!

Catch you on the air waves,

Mitch Gross


Inked Gaming

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