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High Tide with Kai: New Episodes!

If you haven’t heard, Inked Gaming has started a PODCAST

Why listen to a podcast by a gaming accessory company? Well, most of us are gamers too and we have A LOT to talk about. 

High Tide with Kai: An Inked Gaming and Kraken Cards Podcast is a passion project started by your host, Mitch Gross, features many different staff members throughout the show. 

From the history of Inked, to chatting about board games, card games, digital games, and more - There will be something here for everyone. 

If you haven’t yet, be sure to check out episode one of the cast, A Brief History of Inked Gaming!

This week, we’re featuring episode two: Magic: The Gathering and Pokemon with JT Nickel and Ryan Wood

We had the pleasure of sitting down with a couple of people that you will probably hear from a lot as this show matures. Please join Mitch with Ryan Wood and JT Nickel, as all three of us talk about some of our favorite hobbies - Magic: The Gathering and Pokémon!

High Tide with Kai is coming out with more and more episodes on all of your favorite podcast networks. Be sure to subscribe to the podcast for new episodes rolling out consistently! 

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