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Hammerhearth Podcast: Episode 1

Inked Gaming is proud to present, the first episode of “Hammerhearth,” a gaming and lifestyle podcast by local community members, Jordan Kessler and Mitch Gross. 

You may know Mitch as he is the Artist and Affiliate Representative here at Inked Gaming.  He enjoys all forms of card gaming in his spare time including Magic the Gathering, Hearthstone, and Eternal Card Game among others.  About a year or so ago, he realized that gaming was taking a toll on his body physically and sought out help from a friend a local gamer, Jordan, owner of a gym in Corvallis, Oregon, Hammerheart Strength and Conditioning

Jordan, a former collegiate Division 1 performance coach with extensive experience in training all forms of injury recovery and fitness levels, is an active community member in the Corvallis area, and is well respected by his peers and mentors.  He started Hammerheart from his garage and now trains community members at his newly opened gym on 9th street in Corvallis, Oregon.

Jordan met Mitch at their local card shop, Matt’s Cavalcade of Comics and once their training started, they couldn’t stop talking about gaming.  Jordan does group training at Hammerheart, sometimes up to six people at a time, but that didn’t stop Jordan and Mitch “nerding out” almost every training day.  They came up with the idea of a semi-regular gaming podcast so that they could channel their enthusiastic conversations about gaming and wellness to share with everyone. 

We’re happy to support this project here at Inked and glad that we can give it our stamp of approval.  While just starting, Jordan and Mitch are devoted to improving all aspects of the show including production quality, music, and community interaction.  They are planning on having guests from all walks of the gaming world (and maybe even Inked Gaming’s CEO from time to time as he is a gamer himself!).  We hope you enjoy this project!

You can find their podcast on iTunes, here: Hammerhearth: A Gaming & Lifestyle Podcast



The Inked Gaming Team

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