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Hack Into our Cyber Monday sale today!

Gr33tings, Programs! It’s November 27th and that means our Cyber Monday sale is online! Running alongside our Black Friday discount, this year’s Cyber Monday deal is designed to give your battlestation a boost with some awesome pieces that are now available for an awesome price!

The k3y to this year’s Cyber Monday deal is a 20% OFF discount on mousepads and keycaps. So, if you’re looking to level up your setup with a cool combo of keys and pads, now is the time to press the START button. Or, in this case, the ORDER button. This discount is only active for today and will be unplugged at midnight.

If you find the perfect mousepad and/or keycap for your battlestation, all you need to do is use the code: CY83R when you’re ready to checkout. From there, the 20% discount will automatically apply to your order. 

Just like our Black Friday sale, which is still active, we would like to see everyone jump on this sweet discount while there’s still time. Remember, our Black Friday discount offers a nice Buy 1, Get 1 50% OFF deal that ends today as well. Be sure to use the code: PRESS START. If you haven’t buzzed the tower yet, we suggest that you hit the afterburner and feel the need for speed before it’s GAME OVER on both.

Happy Holidays!


Team Inked


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