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Guest Post: How To Take Your Playstyle To A New Level In Apex Legends?

Written By: Stephen Hamilton - Blogger, Writer, Gaming Geek


Guest Post: How To Take Your Playstyle To A New Level In Apex Legends?


If you have already joined the big battle in Apex Legends or are just planning to do so, you are probably wondering how to make the most of it and succeed. While there is no universal recipe for success in this battle royale, following the tips given in this article should help enhance your skills and strategy!

Choose A Character That Suits You

Probably half of your success depends on whether the chosen Legend suits your playstyle or not. Thus, pick wisely! In total, there are 12 options to choose from – every character is unique and brings some benefits, but for the best result, you must understand how you can apply each Legend’s abilities to your benefit.

Also, always make sure that the character you select complements the rest of your squad! With a smart balance of powers inside the team, you will have a significant advantage over your enemies.

Be Careful During The Early Game

When you land on a battlefield, your top priority is to find some good loot. However, you should be very careful! Searching for supplies, make sure that you stay away from the early fights. Otherwise, you may not survive the first round.

Be A Team Player

Although most battle royales we’ve seen in the past are more “stand alone” games, Apex Legends is different! Here you have an exciting opportunity to enter the battle with a squad, and this can give you numerous benefits. It is quite hard to survive alone when you are competing with teams, which is why being a team player matters! With a decent strategy and cooperation, your group will easily outdo the competitors. Thus, the most important tip in our article is to play in a team, support your teammates, cooperate, and look after each other!

Stay In Touch With Your Team

Smart ping system introduced in the game makes communication inside the team simple, so don’t miss out on this opportunity! With the help of this system, you can share current locations and give your teammates heads up when you see an enemy.

Keep Each Other Safe

This one also goes to our third point! As we already mentioned, it is vital to keep each other safe. Thus, don’t neglect an opportunity to heal and revive your mates.

Study The Map

The developers of this game did a great job in making the Arena as diverse as possible. There are many different zones – some are full of high-quality loot, others are considered safer, while some can give you certain advantages over your enemies. Thus, one of your primary goals should be to study the map! You have to know which zones are good for you and which should be avoided. Besides, knowing the map will allow you to move faster during the match.

Benefit From Hot Zones

Hot zones provide you with the best loot, which is why they can bring you lots of benefits. These zones appear randomly for every match, so you never know in advance where the hot zone will be located on the map. However, keep in mind that the competition inside those zones is always high, so it will be hard to survive once you land there!

Monitor Your Progress

Finally, one last tip that will help take your game to an entirely new level is to track your statistics. Knowing what progress you make can help you in many ways, but, most importantly, it will give you an idea of how to play better! Smart stats tracking will point out to your weaknesses, giving a chance to turn them into your strengths.

How to keep track of your progress? While there are not many stats available in the game itself, you can use a special Apex Legends stat tracker website for this purpose.

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