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Friends of Inked Gaming at PT Phoenix!

Friends Of Inked Gaming At PT Phoenix!

Players Tour - Phoenix begins today and we are very excited at the Inked Gaming warehouse to cheer on some of our friends that we have gotten to know through gaming in this wonderful state of Oregon. All of the players outlined below will be competing this weekend in Theros: Beyond Death draft and Pioneer! 

Dylan Nolan

Name: Dylan Nolan
2122 ELO Project Rating (34th in the world)
120-77-1 GP, 12-12 Professional
15-0-1 Run at GP Portland 2019
Dylan has secretly been one of the best players in the world for a very long time. His technical play is some of the best we've ever seen and his competitive drive is a huge reason why we see him at basically every day two of MagicFest main events. He's been on the cusp of a breakout season for years. With his record setting run at MagicFest Portland just a couple months ago, we expect huge leaps from him this year. We wouldn't be surprised to see him with an Rivals invite next year. 

Pierson Laughlin

Name: Pierson Laughlin
1894 ELO Project Rating (top 800 in the world)
189-115-5 GP, 22-17 Professional
Runner Up GP Phoenix 2018 (Modern)
Pierson is best known for his prowess in piloting intricate midrange decks, Jund being his favorite. Pierson is also known in this area for his top level sportsmanship and one of the best opponents you'll ever have. He's been on the GP(MagicFest) grind for years now and his consistently top finishes prove that his second place finish at Grand Prix Phoenix a few years back was no fluke. A testing partner of Dylan's, both players seem like they're ready to take their seat in the Magic: ESPORTS Rivals league very soon.


Josh Greenstein

Screen name: Doc28
Name: Josh Greenstein
Student from California, recently moved to Oregon.
High level Eternal Card Game player with multiple tournament wins.
MagicFest Portland Modern PTQ winner Elves.
We met Doc28, or Josh, through an online competitive game - Eternal Card Game. Doc came out of nowhere into the Eternal tournament scene putting up top finish after top finish. We were able to get to know him better as he was added on to Team Rankstar's roster last year, and he's been a rising star for a while now. Known for being one of the best Eternal players in the game, his skills were first learned through Magic: The Gathering. He recently moved to Portland for school, and attended MagicFest: Portland in 2019 where he took down a PTQ with modern Elves. We were lucky enough to tune into some of his top 8 matches on the floor that weekend and we weren't disappointed. His technical play and sequencing is some of the best we've ever seen - proving that he is a great player by taking down this tournament with what many would call a tier 2 deck. We expect a deep run from him this weekend. 


Devon Straub

Screen Name: ArbitaryArmor
Name: Devon Straub
MagicFest: Portland Standard PTQ winner – Jund Food
Well respected Portland, Oregon based player. Has helped innovate format defining decks.

 Devon is another Oregon player that has been top 8'ing events for a long time now, our first memory of him was waaaaay back in Jeskai Ascendancy standard - where he destroyed us in a State Championships top 8 match, piloting Jeskai Tokens extremely well. Devon proved during MagicFest: Portland that his technical play is nothing to take lightly - besting a couple hundred players with one of the most difficult standard decks to pilot in recent memory, Jund Food. Looking at Devon's MagicFest history - he hasn't traveled much for events, but PT Phoenix might just be the high level event he needed to break out into the competitive circuit. We know that his play is good enough that once he gets some momentum, he'll be coming back for more for a long time. 

We're extremely excited to root on these four players at Players Tour: Phoenix starting today! You can find coverage of this event on as well as tuning into the Twitch stream here today at 9:00 AM, PST!

See you on ladder,

Mitch Gross

Inked Gaming

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