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We have been listening to feedback from our amazing friends and supporters all over the world – we needed to find an affordable, reliable shipping program for everyone, and it’s finally here. 

We just entered an exciting partnership with the shipping company, DHL And to celebrate we are going to offer 48 hours of FREE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE*!

Starting Wednesday through the end of the day Thursday we will be having a 48-hour FREE SHIPPING CELEBRATION (10/3-10/4).  Just use the code WORLDSHIPFREE* at checkout for free shipping. 

After our kickoff special, we will have new rates for all our International customers. Starting at a low cost of $8 shipping and offering free shipping at orders reaching $75. Now you can get a custom playmat shipped all over the world for as low as $8. Everything ships at these lower rates except for our WARGAMING MATS. They are just too large an item to take part in this deal. 


We are excited to partner with DHL Shipping. We have been experimenting with DHL for a while now, and they've continued to impress with their fast services and SAFE handling of our products. We hope that you will be just as impressed as we are.

Remember, use the code WORLDSHIPFREE for 100% off all shipping on Wednesday and Thursday! 

*All wargaming options are not affected by this change due to sizing requirements. They will continue to be shipped through our channels that make them most affordable for our customers. 

*All orders that have used this code will be shipped at the lowest offered rate.


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  • Rumika

Do you guys ship to New Zealand?