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Featured Products - Little Spark and Party Foul!

The other day at the warehouse my friend Tristian and I decided to have a good, clean, Pokémon battle! 

Naturally, being Inked Gaming employees, we both were allowed our playmats of choice. Me, choosing the satirical pun infused mat by Cameron Anderson, named "Party Foul."

party foul playmat

Tristian elected to go for the more traditional, "Little Spark" playmat!

little spark playmat and red cheeks pikachu

Also pictured: Red Cheeks Pikachu. What a cute lil' dude.

Upon entering battle, our supremely talented photographer, Lily, started taking photos of our Pokémon battle! 

party foul and little spark playmat

Unfortunately, our 10 minute break didn't last very long and we had to end the battle in a tie (everyone wins, right?!) 

Well, at the end of the day my rival Tristian and I got to battle Pokémon at work so we can't complain too much. Mark my words. One day Tristian and I will have a rematch and I will be the very best like no one ever was. 


Don't choose Charmander as your starter! You'll never be able to defeat Brock!

Ash Mitchum

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