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Dragon Shield Sleeves At Inked Gaming: An Overview

 Dragon Shield Sleeves At Inked Gaming: An Overview

Welcome spellcasters from across the planes! Over the last few months, Inked has been adding more and more Dragon Shield sleeves to our product line. For most, when looking at the selection of sleeves available you may feel a bit overwhelmed. Fear not! This is where this blog post comes in. Today, we’ll be outlining the four different Dragon Shield sleeves in our store, and talking about the features of each one. Let’s begin!


Perfect Fits

First off, are our Dragon Shield ‘Perfect Fits.’ As a Magic player myself, I used to not like to use these. Then, I went to go sell my Modern deck and it was valued at TWO HUNDRED dollars less than I had anticipated! This is due to the fact that I used that deck for two years playing in tournaments across the US with no inner perfect fit sleeves. All of my cards were graded below ‘Lightly Played’ and the value of my deck went WAY DOWN. Ever since then, if I’m sleeving up a Modern, Legacy, or Pioneer deck, I always first sleeve with perfect fits.

Huge perk: They are sealable so you get a full 4-edge protection. Most perfect fits on the market only give you a 3 edge protection. Good to know!

Also great for sleeving up your most expensive Commander decks. At 100 per pack, you have enough to sleeve up a full deck! Keep those dual lands protected!

Check them out here!


Classic Sleeves

The Dragon Shield Classic sleeves have been the bread and butter for most Magic: The Gathering players for decades now. I’m 31, and I remember my first Dragon Shield sleeves back in high school. They felt great, were a smooth shuffle, and had the best durability of any sleeve on the market. All of these things still hold true so many years later.

Check them out here!


Matte Sleeves

Dragon Shield Classics eventually evolved into what you now see as the matte sleeves. These sleeves have the same durability, an improved grip while shuffling (doesn’t slide as much), and what some may argue as an increased lifespan. This is due to their propensity to not attract as much grime or dirt onto the backs of the sleeves. There is some debate among players if this is true, but from my experience I would have to agree that my matte sleeves have indeed lasted longer than classics.

Check them out here!


Non-Glare Matte Sleeves

The next evolution of Dragon Shield sleeves, the ‘non-glare matte’ line. These sleeves have the same matte finish as the latter product, but the makers of Dragon Shield have changed the plastic that they use for the front of the sleeves (the side where you see through). If anyone has played a Friday Night Magic in a dimly lit gaming store, you’ve probably seen that it’s sometimes pretty difficult to read your opponent’s cards all the way across the table. Many times, this is due to poor lighting which causes a glare on the sleeves that your opponent is using. This cuts down on that issue greatly. Highly recommended.

Check them out here!

That covers our Dragon Shields! Until next time, may you always go Sol Ring into signet.

Mitch Gross

Inked Gaming