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Disney Lorcana Rules Revealed

Last year, we highlighted a new Disney-themed TCG titled Lorcana in one of our Weekly Wave updates. Since then, a lot of new details have been announced ahead of its August/September 2023 release dates. More recently, a list of rules for Disney Lorcana was revealed that has caught the attention of the entire TCG community, especially those following the game’s development since it was first announced in 2022. 

Disney Lorcana TCG

These rules and gameplay details were set to be revealed during a live demo at an expo in late April. However, Games Trader Magazine subscribers were given an early sneak peek at these details ahead of the demo, which has sparked a lot of interest in the community. When we first heard about Lorcana last year, we heard whispers that it would be very similar to MTG in various aspects. But, based on the info that has been revealed so far, many are comparing Lorcana’s rules and gameplay to a mix of other popular TCGs.

We’re just going to cover some of the rules that jumped out at us!

As we mentioned in our Weekly Wave story, Lorcana players are cast as illumineers, who are on a quest to gather 20 lore (life or hit points), which is earned by characters/glimmers sent on quests. Similar to some of our other favorite games, both players begin with a hand of seven cards from a 60-card deck. Sound familiar? Both players (illumineers) start with zero, and the first one to gain 20 lore counters wins the game. Lore

Instead of land (from MTG), Lorcana requires players to use ink to summon these character and cast spells. Each card has an ink cost that can be paid with the ink from the inkwell, where players will place one card from their hand each turn. As your inkwell grows, so do your abilities and the power of your cards. 

Disney Lorcana Cards

Each Glimmer card features diamond-shaped lore symbols that point out the amount of Lore they can collect when questing. Any Glimmers that are sent questing can be challenged by your opponents. These challenges are taxing to both illumineers, but can be the determining factor between gaining and missing out on Lore, impacting the outcome of the game. 

One other detail that we enjoyed learning more about was the combat system, which actually reminds many of Pokémon more than anything else. If your character Glimmers are exerted, they can challenge your opponent directly. The strength and willpower on each card will decide how each challenge ends. Any damage taken by a character Glimmer card is permanent. Once the damage inflicted during a challenge matches or goes over a Glimmer’s willpower, that card will be exiled.

After getting this glimpse at the gameplay and quick start rules, it’s clear that Ravensburger has put a lot of time and effort into the creation of Lorcana, which could result in it becoming a top-tier TCG. It won’t happen right away, but if the game is as good as many expect it to be, Lorcana could take its place among some of the other popular TCGs out there. 

Disney Lorcana is set to officially release in local game stores on August 18, 2023. It will then be released internationally on September 1, 2023. Fall is still a few months away, but at least we have a clearer understanding of what Lorcana is all about and what we can expect from it.

In the meanwhile, you should swing by Lorcana’s official site and check out the other rules that have been revealed, so you can get a better view of the characters, abilities, and more key gameplay details. Be sure to leave any thoughts or opinions you may have about the Disney Lorcana in the comments below!

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