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Digimon Con Event Streaming in February 2022

I know that we just recently had a post about Digimon and their upcoming (hopefully soon) Survive game. I like to break up stories about certain games/topics, that way we cover more ground in the gaming sphere, but I thought this one was important to cover sooner rather than later. Bandai Namco made another big announcement last week that I think you’ll find rather intriguing. 

It seems that there is going to be a big online Digimon event going down early next year that will be streamed worldwide via YouTube. They’re calling it, “Digimon Con”. I thought that had a nice ring to it, so I decided to dig a little deeper and find out what this event is going to be all about. Since it’s only later December and the event is expected to stream in late February, there isn’t a ton of detailed info right now, but there’s enough to pique the interest of passionate fans of the game.

In what follows, I’ll go over some of the details that have been revealed so far, along with some of the topics that fans are expecting to see/hear during the event. Let’s just say that Digimon Survive is a topic that most fans hope will be covered in great detail. If you read my previous blog about Digimon Survive, then you know why.

Digimon Con 2022

According to Digimon’s official website, Digimon Con will provide viewers with a wealth of content, all of which will be presented in both English and Japanese. Some of the topics that are on the content list include, a segment about the Digimon Anime series, a discussion about new game info (which is still TBA), the Vital Bracelet Series, the Digimon Illustration Competition, and even a live performance by Ayumi Miyazaki.

Now, these are the details that have been announced so far, but I think we can expect a few surprises. After all, sometimes the best stuff is what you don’t find on the menu…if you know what I mean. I’m not saying that the info we’ve been given isn’t exciting, but I think it’s fair to assume that there may be some topics that may be only announced during the stream. 

Again, we’re not yet quite sure about which new game will be covered during the stream, although I think most fans would like it if they pulled back the curtain a little further on the Digimon Survive title. Aside from that, we can probably connect the dots on the content that they plan to present. 

For example, the anime segment will have something to do with the new Digimon Ghost series, while the Illustration Competition will announce the winner/results. These pieces fit since the series premiered back in early October and the competition started on December 16th and will run until February 6, 2022. 

As I noted in the beginning, the where and when of Digimon Con is February 2022 via YouTube. Specifically, February 26, 2022, on Bandai’s official YouTube channel. The stream will begin at 5:00 p.m. (PST), 8:00 p.m. (EST). Exactly how long the event will last is still unknown, but I’ll keep an eye on the official site for when the schedule releases. You can do the same by, and learn more about the event itself, by clicking HERE.

As always, I would like to get your thoughts on this subject and what you’re hoping to see during the Digimon Con event. Yes, we still have a couple of months to go before the stream goes live, but I think it’s better for us to have this post to refer back to when the day/week finally arrives. So, feel free to sound off in the comments below!

Until we meet again,

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