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Dice Bags for fun and games.

Dice bags for fun and games


Dice Bag-huh,

What is it good for?

Absolutely something

Say it again,

Custom Dice Bag-huh,

What is it good for?

Actually quite a bit! ***

Dice Bags. So useful and so much fun. What can you do with them? Well, let Sherpa Jim tell you. 

  1. No socks means no sock puppets. But, with one of our trusty dice bags in hand you can always make a sock-like puppet. My Spirit animal.
  2. Well, if you want to be fair, they are really good at holding dice. How many you ask? Like over two pounds of them. I have fit three of these into mine. I did have to take them out of their boxes though.  
  3. Do you love snacks? Silly question, of course you do. Well, it coooould be a dice bag. Or you could make it a Kit Kat Bag. Or you could go nuts and put, well you know, nuts in it. 
  4. How about as a car washing mitt? The colors are colorfast so that’s not a problem. I would recommend turning it inside out first though. The felt lining would work better on the car I think. Plus, it saves the print. 
  5. Cards? Yes, you can make it a card bag instead. Put a small deck box or two in there.
  6. Tokens? You know that one Green/White deck with all the summons that take up their own deck box. Yes got you covered there. Or dare I say it. Yes, I do! It’s in the bag.
  7. Speaking of in the bag, letting Cats out of them. Yes! Nailed the segue. Cats love to come out of the bag. Especially at inopportune moments. 
  8. Cosmetics anyone? No, not Cosplay medics. These are handy pouches to put toiletries and cosmetics in. Stick a few in your day bag or suitcase. 
  9. Speaking of Cosplay Medics, no not cosmetics. Come on, follow along people. You always need extra bags and pouches if you are carrying around a full costume repair kit. Get them branded with your name so they don’t go astray.
  10. Zen. Place one open on the floor in front of you. Clear your mind. Breathe deep. Now contemplate the mysteries of the universe as symbolized by an empty bag.
  11. Related to the link above. Holding parts, and if you have an older VW you will want to keep a spare #15 or two on hand so you can fix that door latch. 
  12. Want a stylish way to carry your mask? Of course, you do. Pop one to two spares in one of these and keep it in the car just in case.
  13. Circling back around. Renfaire anyone? Want to stay in character, but still have a nice belt pouch to keep your coins in? Try this one. I like this one a bit better. I think it will show less dust while you are at the Faire.
  14. Board Games! Some games ask you to pull items out of a bag. Why not make it a special bag? Or store complete sets of player tokens in them?
  15. Props for your favorite role-playing game? Fantasy one? Got you covered. That big horror one? Yep Space Opera? So got it. Pirates? Also yep
  16. And they make great gifts. Want to send someone a hug? Try this one

These are just a few of the creative ways to use our super awesome dice bags. Feel free to list other uses you have come up with below. Look forward to seeing your creative uses. 


Don’t forget to pet your hugs and hug your pets, 

Sherpa Jim


***Thank you Whitfield and Strong by the way and Edwin Starr for giving it soul. Sorry for my rewrite of it.
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