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Dear Sherpa Jim, I am looking for fun board and card games. Any thoughts?

Love Letter

Love Letter Game

Do you love writing letters and giving them to the princess you are wooing? If so you will love this game. If you don’t, then you will still love this game. Since you don’t actually have to write a single thing to play this game. How do you feel about figuring out what role people are? How about trying to knock them out of the round after you have done that? Check to both of them. Being clever to misdirect people? Then also check. 

Love Letter is a light take that card game for 2 to 4 players designed by the prolific Seiji Kanai and first published in 2012.

Goal of the game? 

To win! But how do I do that? Umm... by being the first to reach the agreed upon number tokens of affection, usually 3. But how do I earn the token of affection? Jeez you ask a lot of questions. You earn a token by either being the last player standing or having the highest ranked card at the end of each round. 

Love Letter Game

How to play? 

The core gameplay, like many good games, is simple. Everyone starts with one card in hand. On your turn you draw a new card. Then you play one of your two cards. Each card has an action or reaction associated with it, when you play it you do the action on it. Once you have played your card and done its action, the next person in line takes their turn. You try to have either the highest ranked card at the end of the day or be the only one left standing that round. 

You have some rolls that can take others out. The Guards, The Baron, and possibly The Prince. Others, like the Handmaid, protect you. Some help you gather information on what people are holding, like The Priest does. The King allows you to switch cards around. And The Countess makes people doubt what you are holding onto. 

The wrap up.

This is a great little summoning or filler game. What do you mean summoning game? I use that term for something light you can start to play before the whole group has arrived. If you don’t start something that last person will take over an hour to show up, but if you start a game they show up in 5 to 10 minutes instead. It is clever enough to hold your attention without overwhelming new players. Plus it is available everywhere nowadays. 

Hope you get a chance to play Love Letter.


Sherpa Jim



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