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Custom Face Shields Now Releasing on Inked Gaming!

Customize Your Own Face Shield

One of our comedic team members, Mitch, has been wanting to put his own face on one of our face shields. We decided to make his dreams come true (that’s our specialty, after all).

We are excited to announce that custom face shields are now for sale on our site! The product link can be found here. (Mitch is going to be thrilled).

Do you want to wear something like the sarlacc pit on your face? Go ahead! Just know you might not make many friends.

Are you looking to show off your cat Whiskers to all of the other Safeway shoppers? That’s super cute, you do you!

The possibilities are nearly endless with what you can do with custom masks. Get out there and rep your style while keeping yourself and others safe and healthy!

Stay safe!

Team Inked

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