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Coming Soon: New Limited Edition Kai Plushies

Even after the Black Friday fun is over, we have more cool stuff to look forward to that should help us kick off the new year right. This includes our new limited edition Kai plushie, which will be launching on our site in January 2022. This month marks our 10th year anniversary, and we wanted to introduce something that helps us start off the new year and the beginning of our next decade\ the right way. 

We’re not going to show the plushie just yet, but we will tell you that it does a great job of representing both Inked Gaming and Kraken Cards, as its design features certain elements found in those two respective logos, including our mascot, Kai. That should give you a better idea of what to expect. You can let your imagination fill in the blanks. Just know that we came up with the design quite some time ago and have been looking forward to launching it ever since our design team brought it to life.

Now, even though they’re not officially launching on our site until January, we’re giving our US customers the opportunity to put their name down for one well in advance, which will make it easier when the rush begins. Our Black Friday, Cyber Monday sale is just a couple of weeks away. While supplies last, US-based customers who spend over a certain dollar amount while the sale is live will be given a digital voucher. This voucher will be sent via email and can be used to obtain the new Kai Plushie for FREE. The exact dollar amount will be released as we get closer to the sale. 

When the Kai Plushie does go live on our site in January, it will be listed for $30. So, if you spend a little more during the Black Friday, Cyber Monday sale this year, there will be a FREE reward with a $30 value waiting for you at the beginning of next year. Just keep in mind, this is your only chance to score the Kai Plushie for free. After it goes live in 2022, you’ll only be able to obtain it through purchase. That’s actually a good segue into our next point.

Inventory is always something that we pay attention to when we introduce a new product, especially during the holidays. Our inventory for these plushies is extremely limited, meaning that the chances of snagging one are very low. In fact, based on our calculations, we’re expecting less than 1% of our customers will be able to purchase a plushie after they launch. With all of these elements considered, we can’t stress how important it is to obtain a voucher during the Black Friday, Cyber Monday sale. Again, it will just make things a little easier, and a lot cheaper, in January.

We plan on posting more info on this in the weeks to come, so be sure to check out our blog page and your email inbox, if you’re a subscriber, for additional updates on our Kai Plushie.

Talk to you soon!


Team Inked 

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