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Coming Soon: Inked Gaming's Supply Drop Subscription Box

2022 is the year for us to make a statement. As our 11th year in business, it’s the year for us to dive into the next decade of our history and bring new, big ideas to the table. So, after months of careful planning and preparation, Team Inked is excited to announce that a fresh item is jumping off the drawing board and onto our site very soon. We’re calling it the Inked Gaming Supply Drop Subscription Box!

What is it? How does it work? When can we expect it? These are all good questions that will slowly be given answers as we creep towards the official launch date. For now, all that we’re willing to say is that this is a sort of mystery item that will be packed with all kinds of assorted gear/goods for upgrading your favorite game. 

We’ve actually always wanted to create a cool subscription service of our own that helps our customers customize their game even further. And now, thanks to this new Supply Drop Subscription Box, we finally have the chance to do it!

Again, we don’t want to reveal too much too soon, so we’ll just let your imagination take over from here. Of course, you will probably have even more questions than the ones listed above by the time you’re done trying to fill in the blanks, but that’s another thing that makes this fun. Right now, our mission is to put this Supply Drop Subscription Box on your radar, so to speak, and let you know that there is much to look forward to in the weeks and months ahead. 

That being said, we ask you to keep a close eye on our blog page for any new updates or announcements that may be coming through. And if you really want to stay in the loop with the latest updates and launch date alerts for this Supply Drop Subscription Box, we suggest that you sign up for our email and/or SMS list. Trust us, it’s worth it to stay informed on every level when it comes to a new item like this.

Big things are coming, and we can’t wait to share them with you. Talk soon!


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