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Celebrity Twitch Streamers: A list of unique celebrities currently active and streaming on Twitch.TV

Celebrity Twitch Streamers: A list of unique celebrities currently active and streaming on Twitch

So you’re stuck at home and looking for some unique content? Look no further! We have compiled a list of some sports stars, celebrities, and music artists that are currently active and streaming on (Yes, you’re reading this right)!

There aren’t many ways currently that you could have a one on one conversation with Post Malone. Twitch provides that avenue for you to be able to speak and interact with some of these stars in a casual, fun setting. Most of these streamers on this list prefer that you don’t even discuss their normal jobs. They are just looking to be a normal gamer, hang with a bunch of other gamers in a setting where they can fully be themselves.  Without further ado, let’s dive in!

 Post Malone

Post Malone:


Felicia Day

Felicia Day:


De'Aaron Fox

De’Aaron Fox:


Gordon Hayward

Gordon Hayward:


Hunter Pence

Hunter Pence:








Trevor May

Trevor May:


Quintin Jackson

Quinton Jackson:


Sam Witwer

Sam Witwer:


Karl-Anthony Towns

Karl Anthony-Towns:



If you’re tuning into one of these streams, we strongly advise you to open another streamer’s stream in a different browser to help support them. This list of streamers most likely doesn’t need your Twitch sub in order to keep streaming, and there are many extremely high-quality people out there that do need your support!

Remember, many artists also stream on Twitch and have their work featured in other places (like our site) so that they can receive commission for sales as well. All artists on Inked Gaming receive a commission when we sell products with their artwork. Here’s a couple of artist streamers we feature that you might know:

Trick2G Logo
Gaby Spartz Logo
Gaby Spartz:
Jeff Hoogland Logo
Jeff Hoogland:


Pixie Kitten Plays Logo
Pixie Kitten Plays:


Go find any artist that you’re a fan of and give them your support! View all Inked Gaming artists.


Stay safe, keep calm, and happy gaming!

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