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Breaking News: Our new Team Sorting Mats are now available

We’re adding a new product to our lineup that we think you’re going to love! Our new Team Sorting Mats are specially designed for sports card collectors/breakers to sort your cards and keep them organized during break sessions. How do they keep your cards sorted and organized? Good question!

You’ll find that each mat has a specific sport (Football, Baseball and Basketball), and printed on them you will find card zones that represent every team in that particular sport. Hence, Team Sorting. For example, our Football Team Sorting Mats have 32 card zones (1 for each team in the NFL). In and above each zone, you will find the name of the city for easy reference. 

So, if you’re breaking into a pack of football cards and that pack contains players from the Seahawks, Chiefs, Buccaneers, etc, you can place those cards in their designated city spots. You’ll find that the teams are distributed in alphabetical order as well, from right to left. Have a look at the image below to see for yourself.

Football Team Sorting Mat

Pretty cool, right? You’ll find that our Baseball and Basketball mats have the exact same layout. And for a little detail, you’ll notice that all of the mats have a backdrop that fits the specific setting that each league plays in. So, the football mat has a grass (football field) background, the basketball mat has a hardwood floor (court) background and the baseball mat has a dirt (baseball field) background. We thought that was a nice touch. However, if you’re looking for something a little more vibrant, we’ve also given these mats their own color options as well.

Here are some more examples:


Baseball mat with Red background

Baseball mat with Red background


Basketball mat with black background

Basketball mat with black background

As you can see, we’ve invested a lot of time, thought and detail into the creation of these mats, and by doing so, we’ve made card breaking an even more enjoyable experience. Keeping your cards sorted and organized during breaks will make the whole process feel smoother and more pro-like, both for you and for your viewers.

Even though they feature a different design, our Team Sorting Mats have the same protective, premium materials as the rest of our mats, including our Custom Sports Card Break Mats. The top is made of smooth, soft cloth, which protects the condition of the cards while you break. It also has a rubber backing on the bottom that grips tight to your surface and keeps that mat still and straight for the duration. 

You can check out all of our new Team Sorting Mats by clicking here. Again, our goal here was to make something special that our most passionate card breakers and collectors would appreciate. So, next time you’re scheduled to make a break, don’t do it without our Team Sorting Mats. 


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