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Blissey has come to Pokémon Unite

If you’ve had the chance to play Pokémon Unite this week, you may have noticed that a familiar face has been added to the game. For those who haven’t had time, you’re in for a nice surprise. On Monday morning, Pokémon announced that a healer was coming to Pokémon Unite, which it did on Wednesday, August 18th. This healer is actually one of the cutest and most helpful Pokémon out there. You may know her better as Blissey.

That’s right, Blissey is now an active character in Pokémon Unite and fans are happy, but still a little surprised. Why? Well, let’s just say we were expecting something/someone even more familiar. Someone who can fire a powerful hydro cannon at will. After a subtle tease that came about back in June via Twitter, fans were thinking for sure that Blastoise would be coming to Unite next, but that seems to have been on the back burner. For now, we’ll just have to make do with Blissey and her signature healing power.


Much like a battlefield medic, Blissey serves as a Supporter who can heal friends during fights and even enhance their attacking speed, while dishing out a few attacks of her own to enemy Pokémon. She does this by hurling her famous eggs around as the battle unfolds. Blissey can move with enhanced speed herself, which allows her to sprint in front of allies and shield them from harmful attacks.

You may remember that Blissey is a part of the Happiny evolution chain. The same chain as some other notable pink Pokémon, such as Jigglypuff, Cleffa, and Chansey (who evolves into Blissey). Since Unite was released back in July, there have been two new characters added to the game. The first was Gardevoir and Blissey is the second. Gardevoir was introduced on July 28th and Blissey made her entrance on August 18th. So, I think it’s fair to assume that we’ll have another character addition coming in the next month or so...if Pokémon sticks with that pace. 

Have you spent any coins on Blissey yet? If not, do you think you might just for the heck of it, or are you good with your roster the way it is? Let me know in the comments below. I’ll be on the lookout for more teaser announcements between now and September. Maybe Blastoise will make an appearance sooner than we think. Fingers crossed on that one. 

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