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Black Friday Sale Q & A

Here at Inked, we want to make sure you have a happy Black Friday experience. Here are a few Questions and Answers that you may find helpful along the way. As always, our friendly customer service representatives are more than happy to help answer any further questions you may have! 


 Q. What if I forgot to use my 35% off discount code?!

A. First of all. Breathe. We can help you! Just send us a message over Facebook or email, and we can apply the discount to your qualifying order.


 Q. Why aren’t sleeves included in the sale?

A. Custom sleeves take 15 – 20 business days to produce, if we added them to the sale the wait time would be considerably longer and over burden our current production abilities at this time.


 Q. Can I still get free shipping when I spend $40?

A. Yes. You can still get free shipping on US Domestic orders of $40 or more, however, this includes your total spent on orders AFTER the 35% Black Friday discount is applied. This total does not include shipping.


 Q. Can I place my custom order without an image if my artwork is not ready, so I don’t miss the sale?

A. Yes. You may place your order to receive your Black Friday discount, without an image. You can then upload your image later, but please notify us in your order instructions that this is what you intend to do.


Q. How do I change my image after I already uploaded one?

A. The following process is the quickest way for us to potentially be able to update your file:
If you have a different file, you may upload it at: . Be sure to include your provided name and your order number.



Happy Gaming!



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