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Best Inked Gaming Dice Bags by D&D Class.

Welcome to the dungeon. There may be dragons. Oh yaaah! It's DnD night. 

Time to roll your dice and do a home invasion of some poor goblin tribe’s cave system. 

But what awesome gaming gear Inked Gaming Dice Bag should I use? (Yes, that is indeed an offering to Findus Foreshore, the SEO god of the unForgotten Web Realms)

Well, it would depend on which class you are playing. And since I am Chaotic Good I am going in reverse alphabetical order since it’s not fair the Barbarian always gets to go first. 

dnd wizard

You are the master of magic and you love books as much as you love your familiar. You totally want this bag for your dice. 

Heck, the title speaks for itself “Wizardry”. Not a Gandalf type? No problem magical person! Ethama, has you covered.

Speaking of that Familiar. Check out Cocoa she might look a bit familiar. 

dnd warlock

Do you lock up war? Heck no. You unleash it. Ok that was a bit of a stretch. But we do have a bag for each of the different patrons in the PHB (the Players Handbook). Hope you have a blast with them. An Eldritch blast that is. 

Archfey: Why not two of them?

Fiend: She has your dance card.

Great Old One: Got the big man himself for you. 


dnd sorcerer

Sorcerer In Soviet Sorcerery magic is you. Ya we know you are hot stuff. 

But why not be cool stuff tho? 

Or dark stuff?


dnd rogue

Rogue You are the night. So go with the eternally cool all black look

Or are you more of a cat burglar? Then we have your lucky black cat look. 

A rough and tumble woman of adventure type? Got you covered too.


dnd ranger

Ranger You love the trees and not people, but don’t want to mess with all that e-harmony of nature stuff? Then you are a Ranger. Are you the prince/princess of the woods?

More of a animal companion type? And of course, that animal is cute. Then you will love Kitty Commander.

Monster Hunter? Oh yah we have you covered too. 


dnd paladin

Paladin Hitting things for Goodness! That is totally you. Want the classic look? Check out the Captain then. 

Or smite it with a big hammer! Just like Rosie.


dnd monk

Monk Hitting things with your fist more times than you have fists is totally your style. Do it like water.

Or are you one of the sneaky types that hit it with fists from the darkness


dnd fighter

Fighter Speaking of hitting things. Do it with sharp metal objects! 

Like this brave little guy. 

Or as the international woman of mystery

Or are you more the type “I am going into this tower, and I am not leaving until I have stabbed everything in it.” 


dnd druid

Druid Big fan of Tree Love? 

Going for the caster path? 

BEAR POWAH! You know you are in it for the bear form. We are all here for the bear form


dnd cleric

Cleric Turn undead, cast heals, be the heart and soul of the group. Cleric it is. Got both flavors. Angelic good like Ushas

And the dark side of that coin like Ratri

Got an iconoclastic religion? No problem we have got the patterns for you


dnd bard

Bard Heeeeey how yew doing. Oh ya, I am here to carouse and party. What? We have to go into the dungeon? But I just ordered another beer, and a glass of wine, and a shot of whisky, and a cheese plate. Any excuse to roleplay right? Even as a sheep in a field. 

But you really just want to be a pirate cat, right? 


dnd barbarian

Barbarian Ok Mr. and Mrs I usually go first. Time for you. You are big and strong but a softie when it comes to interpersonal skills. That is why they call you cupcake

Or are you more of the traditional hear no fear, see no fear, and speak no fear type

Remember, this leads to having to do this which means you then need one of these...

after clearing the room. 

Now go forth with your styling new dice bag and D&D the heck out of those Dungeons and/or Dragons. Please have some mercy on your DM tho. It’s a hard job coming up with things for y’all to break and destroy. 

Happy Gaming.

Sherpa Jim.

Why did the lazy ooze go last in the round? Because he had no initiative.

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