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Artist Spotlight: TigaTiga

If you look at TigaTiga’s artist page, you’ll find a full bio of their background and a packed collection of amazing artwork that’s currently featured on everything from playmats to keycaps. Even though they do a great job of introducing themselves in the short bio they provide, we want to know a little more…and we’re sure that our fellow gamers do too. So, what’s the best way to get to know an artist in the Inked Gaming community? The Artist Spotlight!

After agreeing to participate in this month’s Spotlight, we sent TigaTiga a list of 10 questions, which they responded to with 10 thoughtful answers. Just like always, we had to throw in a couple of quirky curveball questions as well, but to help break the ice, we began by asking those usual introductory questions.

Let’s see how they answered!

Who are you and what do you do?

I'm Grace from Somerset West, Cape Town, I'm one out of 12 children, (no, that's not a typo I have an unusually large amount of siblings) the sixth oldest. I'm a Graphic and Surface Pattern Designer, but really, just someone blessed enough to make artwork their living.

What inspires you?

Color and texture, mixed with whimsical thinking. I also have a love for light, I can't get over the way light plays with different elements and how sunlight can make anything beautiful! But mostly, God's creations inspire me endlessly.


Peri Purple Stingers

What are some hobbies you do when you’re not making art?

I enjoy hiking, indoor and outdoor climbing, chatting with my family, stroking cats while reading books and of course, lots of laughter. I also like cutting hair when my friends and family let me get my hands on them!

What is the best piece of advice you’ve received?

For life? An oldie but a goldy, to read the Bible and pray every day. One of the best pieces of advice I received in regard to designing is this: Whatever work you do for yourself, don't cut corners, just remember that YOU are a professional and your work should be up to YOUR standards or higher, whatever that may look like.

What would your perfect Saturday be like?

Waking up in the morning with a clean house, getting ready for the day in a fun outfit with outlandish earrings, playing board games, having beverages, and spending time with friends and family at a braai (the South African version of a BBQ.) And after that, taking an afternoon walk or watching a movie with snacks, it depends on the weather!


Pegasus Paradise


A penguin walks through that door right now wearing a little hat. What do they say and why are they here?

I'm sure if a penguin ever gave me a visit it would be to let me know I definitely need to do a penguin design, either that or to tell me I am so lucky as to have it grace me with its cute, slightly smelly and waddle-y presence since I am sure no one else gets the pleasure of being interrupted to have tea with such a dapper penguin. 

How do you know when your art is finished (if ever)?

Often I feel as though I could go on forever with certain artworks, but the key to stopping for me is the point when I could see myself purchasing it, then I have peace about turning the page.

You’re a new addition to the crayon box... What color would you be and why?

This question is really tough, if I had to choose just one color it would be green, but that is only because it is the most peaceful and savvy color, in my opinion, qualities I wish I had more of. But going by my personality, I would have to choose orange! You can decide for yourself the reasons why.


Daisy Cats

What's your favorite genre of music to jam out to?

Choosing one genre of music is like choosing a favorite movie or food, to choose one feels like a betrayal to all the other equally amazing ones!! I couldn't just give you one genre, so instead, I will tell you which artists I'm really enjoying at the moment, Jack Johnson, Beautiful Eulogy, and U2.

Where can we find more of your awesome artwork?

I create a lot of designs for Spoonflower (A fabric, home décor, and wallpaper company) and Redbubble (Phone cases, home décor, apparel, and more). You can find more designs of mine there: and here:

Or contact me personally on Instagram (@tigatiga_designs) or email:

Thank you for the spotlight interview, Inked Gaming!


Watercolor Mushrooms

Thank you, TigaTiga, for taking the time to answer our questions and participate in this month’s spotlight. We enjoyed learning more about you and your life beyond the digital canvas. It’s also nice to know what keeps you inspired and in good spirits while creating your designs. 

We also want to thank you, the reader, for joining us as well. Again, these monthly spotlights are intended to give us, and you, a better view of the artists and affiliates who make up our community. If you want to see more designs from TigaTiga, we encourage you to visit their artist page or find them online using the info they provided above!

We’re looking forward to our next Artist Spotlight…and hope you are too!


Inked Gaming


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