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Announcing Inked Gaming’s Casual Brawl Tournament Series!

Join our casual Brawl tournament!

Quick hits:
When: June 5th at 1:00 PM PST
Who: Free entry open to everyone with a brawl deck on Magic: Arena


As many of our old friends and customers know, Inked Gaming has a very deep history of Magic: The Gathering. In the “old days,” the entirety of Team Inked could be found at Grand Prix’s around the US with a booth selling mats, interacting with amazing people, and even sometimes, one or two of us would play in the main event!. 

Our love for Magic is the reason we grew so quickly in the MTG community, and our love still is here, even nine years later. As the years went by, our team members swapped Modern decks for Commander decks, as our customer base and our tastes in what we wanted from Magic changed. 

Now, our customer base still is deeply rooted in the early days of competitive Magic, but now has shifted to the much more casual, fun, and lighthearted formats like cube drafts and commander. 

We felt like we wanted to design a tournament series that gives back all of our Magic: The Gathering fans out there. This is why we are announcing our Casual Brawl Tournament Series!

Here are the details for our first ever tournament! We’re so excited about it!

  • 32 Person Tournament - Tournament must fill to fire!
  • Format: Standard Brawl Tournament via Magic: Arena
  • No Decklists Required
  • Single Elimination (We highly encourage fellow brawlers to stay after the tournament in our Discord and battle each other!)
  • Special staff member bounty! Defeat anyone from Team Inked in the tournament and receive a Secret Lair on us! Secret Lair Giveaways may be random if our staff members get a little too busy and can't join us in the games!
  • Prizes!
    1st - 1,000 Consortium Points
    2nd - 500 Consortium Points
    3rd-8th - 200 Consortium Points
    9th - 32nd - 100 Consortium Points
    *Consortium rewards points, or specifically, Sand Dollars, are our rewards program points. Redemption of the points includes $10 off coupons, free products, and more. Register for The Consortium here.
  • June 5th - Starts at 1:00 PM PST
  • Please join the Inked Gaming Consortium Discord here!
  • Tournament will be run through MTGMelee. Register here!


See you soon!
Team Inked

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