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Announcement: The Loupe app is now available for download on Android devices

Hey there! We’ve got some new news regarding the Loupe app, which we (and many others) use for live streaming our card breaks! We actually covered this app in detail in a previous announcement blog not too long ago. You can read that blog here if you haven’t done so already. In that blog, we highlighted the fact that Loupe was only available for those with Apple/iOS devices. We also pointed out that Loupe was working on becoming available on Android sometime in the near future. Well, here we are! At least it didn’t take too long.

Yes, just last week, Loupe let it be known that their app can now be downloaded on Android devices via the Google Play Store. We know that Apple and Android users are split 50/50, even here at Inked Gaming. So, when we caught wind of this news, we just had to tell you about it. Now that Loupe is available on Android, all of our followers can enjoy watching us break into new card packs live! 

We break into packs from almost every TCG/CCG, including Pokémon, MTG, Yu-Gi-Oh, sports cards, and more! We love Loupe because it has so many great features, all of which give you a more engaging experience. It even enables you to purchase packs right there on the screen without leaving the app or even the stream. After the break, the pack will be sent to you directly. So, if you consider yourself a passionate card collector, then the Loupe app should be downloaded on your device ASAP. 

Visit the app’s News & Updates page if you wish to stay in the loop, so to speak. Download Loupe on Apple by clicking here and on Android here.

You can catch our card break sessions on Loupe every Tuesday and Thursday from 5 pm PST to 8 pm PST. We hope to see you then!


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