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An Among Us chicken nugget sells for nearly $100k

This story is too good and too rich to not write about, especially since it has to do with a game that we (Team Inked) played for our holiday gaming get-together. Anyone who has ever ordered the chicken McNugget from Mcdonald’s knows that there are some pretty weird shapes and sizes hiding that box. 

For me, they’re like looking at the clouds in the sky, you’ll always see something. There are times when I’m just so hungry that I don’t have the time or patience to study their shape, I just gobble’em up. I’m sure others can relate.

However, there was one person who was either playing with or studying their nuggets very carefully, as they discovered that one closely resembled that of an Among Us character. This person, who goes by the name Polizna, did what any fast food lover and gamer would have done: they bagged and put it up for auction on eBay.

I’ll give you the details of the sale and how the transaction was made in what follows. I think you’ll be intrigued.

Among Us Nugget

The actual sale commenced on May 28th and began at the VERY fair asking price of 99 cents. Given that the nugget was somewhat in a ‘used’ condition, I can see how someone would maybe end up paying a couple of bucks for it, perhaps to display as a funny souvenir. However, the ‘funny’ aspect evolved into a virtual frenzy, as over 180 bids were placed for the nugget, with the price going higher and higher. The final bid nearly broke the $100,000 mark but fell just $3 short. 

That’s right, someone paid $99,997.00 USD for a nugget and a side of Szechuan sauce, which the buyer requested to be included with the sale of the nugget. To each their own. Once the sale ended, the seller, Polizna, agreed to ship the sealed, frozen nugget via USPS. 

There are still two major questions that still need to be answered in this weird scenario. First, who is the purchaser of this nugget? No reports have come out regarding the identity of the buyer or where they live. All I know is that someday I would like to have enough money to spend almost $100k on a frozen chicken nugget. When you’re able to do something like that, you know that you’re a success. 

The second question is: is this nugget a crewmate or an impostor? Now, that’s a question that will haunt us for quite some time. It also raises some philosophical questions as well, which can be pondered and debated over until the end of time, if there is such a thing. To me, if you’re a trustworthy person, then you think the nugget is a true crewmate. If you’re a naturally suspicious and paranoid person, then you probably think that the nugget is an impostor. That’s just my opinion on it though. Let me know what you think in the comments below. 

Suddenly, I’m really hungry. How about you? 

Until we meet again,

Vince The Prince

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