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Affiliate Spotlight: The Mana Leek

Hey all, and welcome to this week's Inked Gaming Affiliate Spotlight™! Today we're featuring The Mana Leek, a Magic: The Gathering content creator who primarily focuses on the current limited environment. TML's videos have a few different formats. There are of course, recordings of games that he plays, but beyond that are some more interesting explanations of the format.

The "Crack a Pack Tuesday" format is particularly great. It's an easily digestible video (even if it's a bit long, averaging around 12 minutes) that opens a pack, and goes over the relevance of each card in the pack with the current limited format. Generally, the top-pickable cards will hang out until a better card comes along and bumps them out of the frame.

The Mana Leek also does a comprehensive set review, where each card in the newest set is graded based on their limited performance. Each section is pretty long (on the order of 30 minutes!), but can easily make or break your competitive performance in your next draft. Make sure you know what cards outshine the rest before you head into battle!

Most importantly however, is the ease of listening TML provides. Just listen to this silky smooth voice:


Check out The Mana Leek on Youtube, TwitterFacebook, and Twitch!

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