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Affiliate Spotlight: Team APS

Hey party people, hope you're all ready for a new installment of the Inked Gaming affiliate spotlight! This week we're featuring Team APS, a six-strong team of Yu-Gi-Oh! YouTubers that produce some awesome content. In fact, it's so great, that I'm going to have you take a break from reading, just to watch this video:

Now that you're back, you can see what I'm talking about. Their skits are hilarious and highly relevant, no matter which card game you play. Not only that, but look at their upload schedule! It's very close to daily.

Team APS is more than just comedy though, as they provide much needed information for new players, and tons of great videos for those of us who are budget-minded.

Check them out on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and of course here on Inked!

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