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Affiliate Spotlight: Subjectively

Hello once again, dear readers! Welcome back to the Inked Gaming Affiliate Spotlight! The only regular blog programming to post irregularly and erratically! Today we're going to be featuring an awesome content creator known by the name Subjectively. You can tell a YouTube channel is going to be quality oftentimes by simply looking at their profile icon, and LOOK! It's the "S" thing we all drew as kids!

Perfection. I can't believe they did it. Absolutely bonkers.

But moving on from superficial things, Subjectively is a little different from a lot of our prior features. They make a lot of art-focused content, delving deeply into character design, doing all sorts of challenges, and drawing in other games' and series' styles. I'm a big fan of deep dives on design of any sort, and to see something on character design certainly piqued my interest. 

Check out this dive on why this franchise that I vaguely remember as a kid ended up falling by the wayside! 

You can find Subjectively on YouTube,, Twitter, and Facebook!

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