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Affiliate Spotlight: Michael Dashow

Hello dear readers (and adoring fans??)! We're back again this week with another Inked Gaming Affiliate Spotlight. Kept ya' waiting, huh?

This week we're featuring a brilliant artist by the name of Michael Dashow, an art director and character artist from the bay area. Dashow is known for his colorful and fantastical styles in his characters, drawing inspiration from many sources such as comic books and superheroes, cartoons and anime, and of course video games. Dashow also dabbles in a bit of steampunk art as well, and seems to be adept at drawing brass fittings, leather belts and bits, and glass canisters (with AND without glowing green goo!). 

Michael Dashow has been on our site for a few months now and continues to grow in popularity by hitting all of our target demographics with adorable dragons the size of a button, sexy elf women playing DnD, and British Martian colonists.

You can find Michael Dashow on his own website, ArtStation, Twitter, and Facebook

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