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Affiliate Spotlight: Kenji Egashira

Hello minions, aaaaaaaaaaaand welcome to another week of the Inked Gaming Affiliate Spotlight©®™, beaming red hot content directly into your eager eye holes! Today we're featuring the man who has been clinically proven to be nummier than the rest-- that's right, we're featuring NumotTheNummy, also known as Kenji Egashira. Kenji has been a longstanding partner of Inked, and we're happy to finally feature him and show off some of the great work he does.

Kenji is a content creator that primarily focuses on Magic: The Gathering limited formats, making full draft playthrough videos that showcase draft archetypes, and much shorter videos that simply guide you through a pack-one-pick-one situation. Many of his videos have focused on Magic Online, but it seems that with Magic Arena coming to the forefront of digital cardgames, many streamers are changing their format of choice. Of course, there are still formats that exist only on Magic Online, such as vintage cube-- a format that simply can't happen on Magic Arena.

Check out this sweet Arena deck tech that was posted a few days before this was written!

You can find Numot over on YouTube, Twitch, and Twitter!

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