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Affiliate Spotlight: Jolt539

Hello fellow readers and welcome to another Inked Gaming (tm™) Affiliate Spotlight. Today we're going to be featuring another Magic: The Gathering content creator: Jolt539. That is of course, not to distract from Jolt's content- which is of course very good. Jolt primarily creates videos about EDH, a lot of which take place on Magic Online in the 1v1 format. He also builds rather interesting decks for Magic Arena, and creates videos on deck techs. In fact, I was surprised to see a video on an aristocrats deck, something that I've been looking forward to since I found out which guilds were going to be in the new Magic set! 

Aristocrats is probably my second favorite deck archetype right behind UR aggro variants (Oh, how I miss the days of Delver of Secrets!), so I'm glad to see that this is looking to be a viable archetype in this standard format.

Jolt has sometimes been described as "the Bob Ross of Magic", and after listening to his buttery smooth voice, I'm inclined to agree! Even watching a fast-paced aggro deck that narrowly wins is a relaxing experience. Give that video above a watch and you'll see what I mean.

You can find Jolt on YouTube, Twitter, and Twitch!

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