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Affiliate Spotlight: Flake

Hey everyone and welcome back to another installment of the affiliate spotlight! This week's featured affiliate hails from the magical land of Team Rankstar, with his hometown being the digital card game Gwent. Flake is known for his versatility when it comes to entertaining with card games, and his content is known for its exceptional quality. I mean, just get a load of this YouTube channel! it comes as no surprise then that he has hosted both large Hearthstone and Gwent events.

Really though, take a look at this smile.

Pictured: The face of a confident man

Recently his content has been much more focused on Magic: The Gathering: Arena, embodying the spirit of janky brew-masters everywhere with his recent build revolving around the card Sylvan Awakening, which turns all of your lands into creatures for the turn.

Catch him on for his weekly streams!

Watch live video from WatchFlake on
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