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Affiliate Spotlight: ExoticMTG

Just like our artists, Inked Gaming affiliates are passionate gamers and content creators who bring their own unique touch of ‘magic’ to our brand. ExoticMTG is one of those affiliates, and we’re proud to have them in the world of fun that we’re trying to create for our community!

As their name suggests, ExoticMTG is all about everything Magic: The Gathering, and it’s been that way since they were in middle school. They kind of reminds us of…us! Team Inked is made up of like-minded MTG enthusiasts who have been walking the wizard’s path since our school days. So, when a long-time magic player like ExoticMTG comes along looking for a partnership, we happily extend our hand (or tentacle, if you will). 

Of course, we want our followers to know more about the affiliates who join Inked Gaming. That’s where this monthly Affiliate Spotlight feature comes into play. We sent along some of our usual questions to ExoticMTG, and they responded with some answers that give us a better view of who they are and what they’re all about. 

Let’s see what they said!

Who are you and what do you do?

My name is Marcus! I am the owner of ExoticMTG LLC where we offer weekday entertainment (10 AM to 4 PM Central) on for anyone who likes Magic the Gathering Arena and a short list of some other games such as Terraria, Diablo, and Call of Duty.

What type of content do you enjoy making the most?

I love to play Competitive Standard on MTG Arena, where we push for Mythic each season and then start playing some pretty "Janky" decks.

What are some hobbies you do when you’re not streaming and/or making videos?

If I am not working on inventory for our TCGPlayer store, we love playing games in the evening with our community. Right now we are enjoying playing Minecraft, Call of Duty Vanguard, and D&D with our "friendo's."

ExoticMTG Forest

What would be the hat to end all hats? What could you wear on your head that would make people stop what they are doing and stare in awe and amazement?

Sometimes people spend channel points on silly things in our stream, like a literal cowboy hat that I have to wear. Please don't come just to do this to me, I look terrible in a cowboy hat. I have never even ridden a horse!

What mythical creature would improve the world most if it existed?

Well, every once in a while we have community members win giveaways to have me draw them their own MTG Token on a Helper Card. I am no artist when it comes to hand drawings, but we once drew a warrior riding a taco, and it made everyone in the stream quite happy. So perhaps everyone could use a little taco-riding warrior to pick me up. That's what it is all about anyway, people enjoying the content and just being together no matter what we're doing at the time.

In 40 years, what will people be nostalgic for?

Perhaps in 20 years, my son Coen will take over the daily streaming for ExoticMTG. He says it even now at 7 years old that he wants to be like dad and stream in the office for his "friendo's" So maybe one day while people are watching the stream they will see me walk in the background and think about how I used to be the face of the stream.

ExoticMTG Map

What’s the closest thing to real magic?

I believe that music is as close to real magic as you could ever get. Songs bring us back in time and make us feel things that we hadn't felt in years. For example, anytime I hear certain songs from Breaking Benjamin, I feel like I am back in the Army and in Iraq with my brothers in arms.  Some songs can make you happy when you were sad. Some can really punch you in the gut with emotions that are so overwhelming that you can't focus on anything but that one specific feeling or loss in your life.

If life were a video game, what would some of the cheat codes be?

Well, I will never forget some of my favorite cheat codes growing up, like "poweroverwhelming" and everyone's favorite "up up down down". But, if life were a game, I need a cheat code to fall asleep at the moment the sleep cheat code is entered. I quit my full-time job as a Police Officer to follow my dream, and now that I work for myself, I tend to overwork.


Do you know why the chicken crossed the road?

The chicken wanted a better internet speed!

Where can we find your awesome content? 

If I could only share one link with our new friendo's seeing this, I would say to get over to our daily Twitch streams, where there is always an active giveaway and much fun to be had. But for the sake of the question, we are also on Twitter where we are actively giving away a borderless Imperial Seal from Double Masters 2022. WhatNot, where we are always opening packs for the community. And Instagram, where we love sharing our personal life information as well as the MTG side of things.

What we care most about, is the average gamer that needs a new home, or possibly a few hundred new friends. ExoticMTG is providing more than just daily content. Our community is a welcoming group sharing a love for games, foods, drinks, and even day-to-day life. With all that we, humankind, have gone through over the last several years, everyone could use some togetherness and somewhere to go. Our Discord link can be found at

ExoticMTG Skull

It’s been a pleasure having ExoticMTG as an affiliate, and now that we know more about them, we feel even more fortunate to have them in our community! Feel free to check out the links we left above to their Twitter, Instagram, Twitch, and Whatnot profiles. You can also check out more of ExoticMTG’s designs via their Inked Gaming Affiliate/Collection page.

We want to thank ExoticMTG, and you, the reader, for participating in this Affiliate Spotlight feature. We look forward to posting these every month, and we hope that you will continue to join us as we go down the list and get to know more of our awesome affiliates!

Happy Gaming, Friendo’s!


Team Inked


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