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Affiliate Spotlight: Crit Camp Gaming

Hello dedicated and loyal enthusiasts of both games and ink! It's long past time for the Inked Gaming Affiliate Spotlight! I hope y'all brought your tents, and coolers full of tasty PG-13 beverages, because today we're featuring an awesome squad that goes by the moniker "Crit Camp Gaming". Crit Camp Gaming is a sweet channel filled with all sorts of boardgame goodies- and by that I mean that they live-stream some awesome games. Though they've recently taken the deep dive into KeyForge, a quick perusing of their YouTube wares reveals extended gameplay of Zombicide, One Deck Dungeon, and Sub Terra (among many others). If you're curious about the inner workings of the rules of the game, Crit Camp Gaming also has a handful of Learn & Play videos, which, while long (some clocking in over two hours), offer a great jumping-off point for a complete newcomer to a game.

Crit Camp Gaming isn't all long youtube videos though, as they have a more traditional streaming setup as well, going so far as to become Twitch partners. As of this writing, Chris is playing some KeyForge online and giving some friendly commentary. Though this is just a re-run, he's very interactive with the chat, and seems happy enough to just hang out. It's a very relaxed atmosphere, and translates very well to the overall feel of playing boardgames with friends. Really, that's what Crit Camp Gaming seems to be all about-- Chris and Lyle just hanging out and having a good time, like you were camping with a few of your best friends.

Speaking of which, who doesn't bring boardgames with them while camping? I love bringing Mage Dice whenever I go camping (and will be in a few weeks!), and it seems to work well even with the largely-gapped picnic tables over in eastern Oregon. Bring your favorite two player mat and everything becomes much easier!

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You can find Crit Camp Gaming on Twitch, YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook!

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