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New Products

We’ve quietly added new products, but we decided it was time give them a proper, public announcement.

We have three new products available at Inked Gaming: the Playmat Bag, Scorepad, and our largest product yet, Wall Tapestries.


The Playmat Bag is our solution to the inadequate storage options currently available for playmats.  As you can probably tell, we take playmats pretty seriously.  Using a plastic container or cardboard box to store art just doesn’t feel right.  No longer!  With the release of our Playmat Bags, your playmat container can look just as good as your playmat.  It’s water resistant and comes with a hanger and carabiner for clipping outside your backpack, providing protection and a bit more room when you need it.


The Scorepad is a quality constructed hardcover book that can be used as a journal, lifepad, scorepad, or sketchbook.  Each of the 120 pages is lined on one side and blank on the other, and keeping your place is easy courtesy of the attached ribbon bookmark.
Wall Tapestries are a great way to add a splash of color and art into your home, dorm room, or office.  They are available in 50” x 60” and 60” x 80” sizes.  

As with all our products, you can choose from hundreds of amazing designs, or customize your own! 

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