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28 Days Later Sale

We're not sure if you've heard or not, but the West Coast Ports have been slowed and incoming shipments are delayed due to labor disputes.  There are massive ships with tons of cargo anchored and waiting to get unloaded--one of them contains our playmat material.  While we have waited for this shipment, we have depleted all our stock.  We are unable to print playmats because we don't. Have.  Any.  Playmats.  Word is it could take up to another 28 days for it to be fully delivered to our shop.  Fortunately, we at Inked Playmats have a contingency plan in place for something just like this... well, it was originally for a Zombie Apocalypse, but it just so happens to work in this scenario, too.

There was dissent at first.  One side of Inked Playmats wanted to just mark everything as "Out of Stock" and take a vacation.  The other side wanted to offer a crazy sale and let all our loyal customers know that their orders will be shipped out as soon as we get our product and can start printing again.  Arguments were made, but it was decided the best course of action would be to have the sale and continue to boost the morale of gamers across the world during this troubling time.

So, starting today, all of our playmats and mousepads will be available(ish) for 30% off--or 28+2% to keep with the whole 28 Days Later theme...  But here's the deal: we have NO IDEA when the mats will arrive in our shop, so we can't tell you when we will get them printed and sent out.  What we can tell you is that we will have everything prepared so that when the materials do arrive, we will get them printed and shipped as fast as our printers and presses can go.  This sale is only for a limited time, but it could be 3 days or 28 days.  No one knows how long it takes to figure out the migrating patterns of zombie herds.  Once we don't have to presell because we actually have stock on hand, the sale will end.

All mats will be made and shipped in order received.  Another way to think of it is those who have to wait the longest will receive their orders first.  Custom sleeves and dice bags are still in production as normal and thus won't be included in the sale.  

So we apologize for any inconvenience this labor dispute/zombie apocalypse has caused.  We hope this sale sates your appetites and helps prevent you from joining the ranks of the undead horde. 

If you want to read about the labor disputes, check the following link for all kinds of beautiful info:

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