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An interesting contest has taken place, headed by the folks at HeavyMeta and Brainstorm Brewery:  HeavyMeta has partnered with Kraken Rum to elicit custom designs for Kraken/HeavyMeta/BrainstormBrewery playmats.  What started as a few prominent members of the MtG community and their mildly-obsessive fascination with all things kraken has lead to an insanely fantastic Kraken print by rk post (seen above) and an all-out Twitter love-fest between members of the magic community and Kraken Rum.  I'm not really sure the folks at Kraken Rum knew exactly what they were getting themselves into, but once they tweeted permission to use their name and logos for designs, HeavyMeta and Brainstorm Brewery went all hands on deck to develop and promote this contest.  There have been some incredible submissions thus far, and they will be collected and compiled tomorrow.  The contest will have three winning designs, and those designs will be printed and made available to the public by some place that may or may not specialize in that sort of thing.  Oh yeah... that'd be us.  


So be sure to check out the HeavyMeta podcast tonight (Wednesday, 6/25) to hear them select the winning designs.    Additionally, be sure to keep tabs on  #KRAKENPLAYMAT and #KRAKENMAT on Twitter (you can still vote on the submissions) and follow @MattyStudios and @KevyMetall to see what all has taken place.  


In the meantime you can check out the other two HeavyMeta designs available for purchase on our site:

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