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Two player mats now available!!!

Be the first to get your mat!
Only 100 available for first printing.
Use our design or submit your own .

These new mats will be 24" x 28" or twice the size of a normal mat. These mats are LARGE! You can see a scale image of a standard CCG card on the mat in the image above.

The image below is a sample of our generic design that will be available. But of course it is "Your Game...Your Style" so we also have a template to download so you can design your own.

Initially there will only be 100 available for this first run which will start shipping on 4/25 to everyone who orders now. After the initial preorders the mats will be available regularly at

We are also giving a free 2 player mat away! The contest will run thru 4/4 to 4/19.

Go here to sign up for a chance to win and/or to order your 2 player mat!

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