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And the Winner is...

 Well it's the 29th and time to announce the winners.

Congratulations to NeohPlayer for winning the Booster Box of Dark Ascension with 236 Likes!

The next step was to choose our favorite video to win the FREE CUSTOM PLAYMAT. And we chose BTWAY with her clever video. We wonder what color playmat she will choose....

Using randomization we took the final contestants to see who won the Dark Ascension Fat Pack...and the winner is.... Clammin910. Congratulations!

The list of those who also receive a free pack are

  • NeohPlayer
  • MTGPulls
  • Avantar112
  • Clammin910
  • DarkORegulations
  • BurnItDown

Thanks to everyone who entered. We will be sending out Prizes on Monday.

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