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Let's Get this Party Started! (Contest Details Inside)

Well it has been an exciting beginning so far for  We’d like to say thanks to everyone for their business as we are growing fast due to the enthusiasm of our customers and their recognition of our product featuring your kick ass designs.

We are kicking off our more frequent blog posting with a contest!  Because so many of our mat sales seemed to be geared towards Magic the Gathering players we are going to be giving out a full box of Dark Ascension which is released February 3rd.  Additional prizes include a free mat and single packs of Dark Ascension


What contest, you ask!?


  • Make a YouTube video showing off "Your Game. Your Style."  What the heck do we mean by this?  We want creative videos with you showing off the game(s) you play on your custom playmat.  Let us know about the sleeves, dice, or counters you use with the design you have chosen. 
  • At the end of your video hold up your playmat, then say, “My Game, My Style”.
  • If you do not have a custom mat, then make a video telling us why you need one. 
  • Post your YouTube link on our Facebook home page
  • Email the link with your mailing address to
  • Our FAVORITE video will win the free playmat. (only those that don't already have one will be entered in this portion)
  • The video with the most YouTube ‘Likes’ will win the box of Dark Ascension.
  • Every video that has 250 views or more gets a free pack of Dark Ascension.
  • Entries have to be made by February 10th. The contest ends February 29th. As you can tell, the earlier you get your entry in the more time you have to acquire views and "Likes".
  • Anyone can request Dark Ascension product be switched for a gaming product of their choice with similar value.
  • Click here to read another update rule

*This contest is for anyone in or outside the U.S.

This contest is all about customer appreciation. Appreciation for everyone who has already bought a playmat from us and for everyone that plans to in the future. Be creative. Be spontaneous. Enjoy yourself and HAVE FUN WITH IT.

Bookmark this blog as we will have more regular updates. 

Thanks again,

The InkedPlaymats Crew!



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