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35 Things To Do With 105 Dice

35 Things To Do With 105 Dice

In the Days of Yore, you’re going to get yours! And by Days of Yore, I mean now. And by you’re I mean you. And by yours I mean 105! Yes, 105 Dice!

But Sherpa Jim what I am going to do with all those dice? Do you often talk to your computer or phone while reading interesting and/or humorous articles? If so welcome to the club. I do that, too. 

Back to your question. Things to do with 105 dice:

#1. Don’t eat them.

2. Be consistent with your numbering systems.

Three. Really man, keep it consistent.

IV. Ok I give up on this.

5. They weigh roughly a pound. So make a pound cake of damage rolls with them. I am sure the monsters will love that tasty treat.

6. D&D party anyone? Yes, hold a virtual D&D party for friends. You may need to mail some sets to do this tho.

7. Start that big Bowl-O-Dice you always wanted. One box of these makes a great start.

8. 105 things your cat can knock off the table, and chase around the floor until they lose it under the refrigerator or sofa. If kitty loses any under the Ottoman you may have a Turkish Van for a cat.

 √81. Oh come, on now you are just showing off that math minor you never actually finished.

10. Speaking of maths. Fun with numbers. How many ways can you divide 105 and get whole numbers

11. If you ever hear “Dude, you have too many dice.” That person is wrong! Show them how wrong they are by shaking the box at them. They will learn.  

12. Building a long maze for your pet mouse.

13. D4’s. Clatops anyone? If you embed them in soft ground the D8’s will work too. Maybe the D10’s as well. 

14. Your emergency dice you keep in your car for when you and 14 friends want to play a mega game of D&D. That way you each get 7 dice. (Hint this is one point for number 10).

15. As a gift a week for your sweetheart for 2 years and one week. Heck, that is longer than the average celebrity marriage

16. Making the map look like the Nameless City in your Call of Cthulhu game.

17. D4’s can substitute for Daleks in your Doctor Who game. 

18. D12’s and D20’s make great boulders of doom for your Indiana Jones Miniatures game. 

19. Need a stand-in for some Cromulons? D8s got you covered. D10 wants to try as well, but we know 8’s got you covered better.

20. Stacks! Lots and lots of stacks. Stacks are fun! All the same kind, or mix it up and use different kinds of dice in one stack. Stackkkssss! But not Sleestaks. Just stacks. 

21. The lovely sound of 105 dice rolling across the table. Oh ya. That sounds nice. 

22. Helping you work on that color spectrum display. Remember red, to orange, to yellow, to green, to blue, and purple after that. 

23. You will need all those 10 siders for the World of Darkness

24.Rocks fall from the sky! Everyone dies!

25. Tops anyone? D10’s work the best.The toy that is. Not the clothing. Mind you, with enough hot glue and fishing line you may be able to make a “beaded” top made out of dice. Send pictures if you do, because that would be awesome. D8’s are for the pros, again talking about the toy here. 

26. No marbles available? You can use these as a substitute. If you do not know how to play marbles, ask your grandpaw. He would love to hear from you. 

27. Model of the solar system anyone? Or better yet for your sci-fi game a model of any other system. A brown one may work quite nicely for a certain desert planet

28. Maybe get that yarn out, that you are not using, and make some ornaments with the dice and yarn. Festive holiday game time!

29. You know in the movies how there is that pause just before the big fight starts? You can roll for initiative for the two sides just before they start fighting. And if they go out of order you can yell at the screen telling them they are doing it wrong. 

30. Cryptography anyone? Something as simple as spelling out the words in shapes up to color, size, and number combinations. Just make sure your partner has the same dice. Oh hey! That is a great excuse to get two boxes. Because you know number 7 above. 

31. Do not use them as bird food. But do use them to attract birds. Birds love shiny objects. As do many gamers. So it should work on them as well.

32. That warm fuzzy feeling you get when you run your hand through piles of small round objects. Oh ya. Sooo good. 

33. Lost in the woods? Birds eat bread. But not dice. So no getting lost now. See #31 tho. Don’t use the super shiny ones just in case. 

34. Maybe bribe your GM with dice? They are a gamer too. Heck, they may be even more susceptible to the graft. But keep in mind the more dice they have the worse #24 is. So do it carefully.

35. As a visual aid for showing what dividing 105 into thirds looks like. (see what I did there?) 

Have a great time with your new box-o-dice. 

Sherpa Jim

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