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2020 North Umpqua Invitational Recap

If you’ve been following Inked Gaming for the last decade in the gaming world, you’ll know that we love to support all aspects of gaming and competition. In the early days, you would find Thomas, Jeremy, Mitch, and many others traveling to Magic: The Gathering Grand Prix’s vending booths and slinging cards in the main event.

team inked at a magic fest

As the years went by, Inked pulled back on traveling to events as much - but you’d best bet that we were tuning into coverage together on Friday afternoons in the warehouse. Inked was built on a perfect blend of interest in casual aspects of the industry as well as the die-hard competitiveness of other aspects of the industry. This part of our culture we take great pride in, and love the spirit and the exhilaration of competition.

Fast forward to Covid-19. Magic Fests being cancelled, game stores closing up or moving to online/pick up orders only, and many of the sponsorship's that we had planned or wanted to move forward with fell through. In our discussions, we were devastated for our friends and peers that were not able to run events anymore and we started looking for other avenues to support. 

As you probably know by now, Inked Gaming has staff members from many walks of life and hobbies. A few of the warehouse workers and customer service representatives enjoy playing disc golf - an addicting game that is played outdoors (usually in your local park) using “frisbees” to play “golf.” Instead of hitting a ball with a club, you throw the disc at a basket. Many of the rules interact the same way in both sports. Check it out if you’re looking for a fun, relaxing reason to go out and hike around in your local parks!

When we heard that the 2020 North Umpqua Invitational Presented by Innova Discs was looking for more support for their players packs, we jumped at the opportunity! 

disc golf players pack


To view the results, check them out here. Congratulations to Kenny Shelton of North Bend, Oregon on taking home the win and $769 dollars in prize money!

As for our contributions, we donated a SWEET 2020 North Umpqua Invitational mouse pad for every competitor!

2020 North Umpqua Invitational mouse pad

Thank you to Scott Withers, Zaq Jones, and all of the other volunteers that made this sponsorship seamless and fun for the team at Inked. Make sure you check out the next disc golf tournament in your area! 


 Until next time, keep slinging discs! 

Team Inked

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