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Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel's Normal and Rare Festival

It seems like every time I open up my Yu-Gi-Oh! newsfeed there’s always something big going on with Master Duel. Not that I’m surprised, since it’s been gaining popularity with duelists ever since it came out earlier this year. In fact, you may remember that we had a whole blog dedicated to the release of Master Duel before it was set to launch. Now, almost two months and 20 million downloads later, Master Duel seems to be living up to all the expectations. 

Yes, you read that correctly, by the way, Konami recently announced that Master Duel has had just over 20 million downloads. This is great news for a game that just went live in January. Here we are in March, and Master Duel is picking up steam with each passing week. As a thank you for helping them surpass such a huge milestone, Konami has decided to reward their gamers with a couple of nice surprises, such as a new solo mode and the chance to claim 1,000 free gems for anyone who logs in before April 25th. Not a bad way to repay such a loyal community of duelists, in my opinion.

On top of all that, Konami has also announced a Normal and Rare Festival for Master Duel that is set to begin on March 23rd. This festival will be similar to the Xyz festival, with the real difference being that players will have to use decks that only include Normal and Rare cards, forcing players/participants to be more strategic. I actually like the idea of not being able to use your more powerful monsters, giving everyone a more even playing field. 

Konami reinforces this point by providing us with a list of banned cards that restricts the following archetypes from being used during the event: True Draco, True King, Megalith, Majespecter, Generaider, Timelord, Phantasm Spiral Dragon, and Tenyi. Furthermore, Suicide Cards, Unbalanced Card, and Cards that cause effect damage have been restricted from play as well.

Aside from those restrictions, the festival itself will be very much like Xyz in terms of the goal that it sets for players, which is to achieve medals or rewards from every duel they participate in. No matter what the outcome of a duel, players will receive medals just for taking part. Unless, of course, you choose to surrender. 

It’s recommended that you create your own custom deck for an event like this, but you can always purchase a loaner deck if you wish. Whichever way you go, Konami has let it be known that your choice of either a custom or loaned deck will not affect the number of medals that you can earn. Everyone will receive the same number of medals regardless. 

The Master Duel Normal and Rare Festival will end on April 4th, giving you a decent window of time to earn as many medals and rewards as you can. In the meantime, anyone who is thinking of participating should use these next few days to craft their decks, if they don’t wish to settle for the loaner decks provided by the festival. With that said, let me know what you think of this upcoming festival and if you’re planning on taking part in any of the duels while it’s live. Also, be sure to let everyone know which deck option you’re going with in the comments below. 

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