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Yu-Gi-Oh! and Adidas team up to create Yami Yugi-inspired sneaker

Last Year, we highlighted a story about the Yu-Gi-Oh! X Adidas collection. This collection featured a set of throwback kicks that paid homage to our favorite characters and creatures from the series. This story was actually posted in our Weekly Wave Newsletter, which you can catch via email or our blog page every week. Here we are in 2023 and Yu-Gi-Oh! and Adidas have teamed up once again on another sweet sneaker that we’re definitely looking forward to.

Yep, it turns out that the collaboration between both brands went so well that they’re ready to kick off the new year with a new pair of kicks. They’re calling it the ADI2000, and they’re inspired by our hero, Yami Yugi! We’re going to tell you all the materials and details of the design, but we think you should see these sneaks for yourself first.

Check these out!

Yami Yugi ADI2000

These black leather beauties feature a nice combo of colors that remind us of Yugi’s favorite card/monster, the Dark Magician. Between the cold stripes and the pink and purple details found both outside and inside the shoe, these sneakers are truly a work of art that reminds us of the legendary magician. They also feature Millennium Item lace jewels and the last piece of Exodia hangtag. And yes, the limited-edition co-branded Dark Magician card comes with every pair as well. Plus, the box looks awesome!

Here’s a closer look at what you’ll be stepping into:

Yami Yugi ADI2000
Yami Yugi ADI2000

From lace to sole, we think these new Yugi ADI2000s are awesome, and we can’t wait until they hit the market. Speaking of, let’s talk about when we can expect to start shopping for these cool new kicks. 

We imagine that there are many of you who would like to head over to Adidas or another online shoe retailer and pick up your pair of Yami Yugi ADI2000s. Well, we would too, but if you head over to any of those sites, you’ll see that they are not available just yet. According to Adidas, we expect these sneaks to officially release on January 26th, so we only have a couple of days to go.

With all that said, we want to hear your thoughts on these sweet new Yugi X Adidas sneaks. Are they what you expected? Could you see yourself wearing a pair during a duel? Let us know in the comments below. Also, if you score a pair, be sure to come back here are let us know what you think of them…and we’ll do the same. 

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