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Why Mousepads?

Why Mousepads? It all started in 1969

1969. The year of Woodstock, peace, and love- it was a beautiful time. The Beatles performed for the last time, we landed people on the moon, and most importantly, the mousepad was invented.

    While I joke, the mousepad turned into something that we all use all the time. If you work a desk job, you probably have one at work. If you have a PC, you most likely have one or two at home.

    With the invention and wide-spread use of laptops and notebooks, mousepad use took a dip in the early 2000’s but is now back on the rise again with PC gaming and competitive gaming now embedded in cultures throughout the world.

    Mousepads look like they’re here to stay – something that will always be used in some form or another, with companies innovating as fast as possible to gain traction (heh.) in the industry.

    Inked Gaming got it’s start in the mousepad industry with the original standard mousepad and we have been innovating ever since.

    Currently, we offer five different mousepads, sometimes called a gaming desk mat, for PC gamers looking to go above and beyond with their gaming. For reference, here are the custom desk pads we offer on our site:

    9x8 inch traditional mousepad for office use.

    13x11 inch for first time PC set-up or nice mousepad for travel gaming.

    18x16 inch sized for certain desk set-ups.

    36x18 inch pad best for PC Gaming set-ups.

    48x24 inch best for PC Gaming if you have a huge desk! 

    Whether you are wanting to customize gaming mouse pad or you’re looking for a personalized mouse mat with preexisting store art, Inked Gaming is sure to have something for your everyone. Looking for a specific type of artwork, subject matter, or fan art? Do a simple search on our site or ask one of our customer service rep’s! Inked Gaming has thousands of pieces of artwork from hundreds of artists from all over the world – making it so there’s almost assuredly something for everyone.

    Check out some of our best sellers!

    Why, one may ask, is the artwork on a mousepad so important? Why not just head down to your local Fred Meyer and find a random mousepad in the electronics section?

    1. You’re going to be looking at your mousepad everyday of work, or everyday at home when gaming. Don’t you want something that connects with you and makes you feel great about daily?
    2. If you’re at work, people stop by your desk. Having an awesome conversation starter (like your cat, Bert, on a mousepad) is a great piece to add to your workspace.
    3. If you travel and game/work on the go, having a mousepad that you can be proud to pull out while at an airport, or a public area like a coffee shop is satisfying. A perfect way to show off your style subtly, yet effectively.
    4. Protect the bottom of your gaming mouse from food crumbs, grime, and dirt either at home, work, or on the go. That 80-dollar gaming mouse was an investment you need to protect.
    5. They’re fun and affordable! Why go with a standard color mousepad when you can get a beautiful, professional piece of artwork on your pad for the same or cheaper price. Inked Gaming’s direct to consumer model allows us to offer stylish artwork at a cheaper price than you can find in big box stores!


    Whether you’re looking for an extended mouse pad, a smaller mouse mat, or something in between, Inked has got you covered. Thanks for reading up on our mousepads and tune in next time as we cover more products throughout the year!



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