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Update: Important Kickstarter Info

In case you haven’t noticed, we’ve been gearing up for an awesome August for the past few months, preparing for the launch of our first-ever Kickstarter campaign. During that time, we’ve been working hard to get everything set and to keep our community up to date throughout the process. And this week, we have another important update for you regarding the development of this exciting campaign.

Over the past month, we dedicated ourselves to refining our samples even further before the big launch. Unfortunately, we had some last-minute delays with the machines making our newest versions, meaning they’re going to be arriving a little too late to be featured in an August 1 launch.  

Because of this, we’ve decided to push back the launch date to match, so that everyone can get as clear of a view of the project as we can provide before backing us. Our primary goal is to ensure that when the campaign goes live, you get an accurate and true representation of the latest samples available.

With that said, our new launch date for this Kickstarter is August 9, 2023. Again, we are working around the clock to make sure that the launch and 30-day duration of the campaign runs as smoothly as it can for everyone, and we think waiting for these new samples before launching is the best way to do that. Just like our last update, we also want to make it clear that nothing has changed, and we are still 100% committed to bringing this campaign, and those new products, to life.

As always, we want to encourage you to sign up for our SMS list, if you haven’t already, that way you can stay ahead of the game as we work to activate Kickstarter. SMS subscribers will also receive a special alert when the campaign kicks off, which gives you a nice head start that you will definitely want to take advantage of. Text KICKSTARTER to +1 (855) 653-2517, and you’ll see what we’re talking about!

Thank you again for your understanding and support throughout this process. We appreciate you sticking with us!


Team Inked


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