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Top 5 Best Video Game Podcasts

top 5 best video game podcasts

Well, you asked for it and we listened. Or maybe we asked for it and finally decided to listen to ourselves for a change. Either way, we thought it would be fun to go looking for some of the best and most entertaining video game podcasts out there today. Some of these pods may look familiar (or seem like old news) to some of you. But, for those of you who are die-hard video game enthusiasts and have yet to listen to a gaming podcast (or just need a good laugh), this post should be a real treat.

So, here’s a list of the top 5 best pods for video gamers to follow in 2020!


If you’re an old school game lover, this is definitely the pod for you! First launched in 2006, Retronauts has been on a quest to explore, “the history of video games, one game at a time.” Leading the mission are veteran hosts, Jeremy Parish (formerly of IGN) and Bob Mackey (formerly of EGM). Together, Bob and Jeremy take their listeners along for the ride by introducing them to an ever-expanding cast of gaming enthusiasts and personalities who just love talking about vintage game titles and consoles. 

Game Scoop!

Presented by the popular gaming network, IGN, Game Scoop has established itself as a popular weekly show and podcast that focuses on presenting audiences with the latest video game news and trends. Hosts Justin Davis and Daemon Hatfield (and other IGN staffers) give you a closer look at the gaming industry as a whole with fun conversations, entertaining tangents, and the occasional heated banter. If you’re looking for a fast-paced, entertaining podcast, Game Scoop is for you!

The Giant Bombcast

Just as the name suggests, The Giant Bombcast has proven to be a larger than life podcast in the video game universe. What makes this podcast so popular (and unique) among listeners is its structure (or lack thereof). Thanks to host Brad Shoemaker (and his regular guests), the audience is given a very chill and laid back presentation, which only makes the content even more fun and playful. Video game podcasts are supposed to be enjoyable and relaxing for listeners, but this pod can take so many different twists and turns in a single episode. 

For example, discussions about games and recent industry news can suddenly take a hairpin turn into other (often unrelated) topics at a moment’s notice. This spontaneous, off the cuff format, is what makes The Giant Bombcast one of the top video game pods out there.

How Did This Get Played?

This fun pod features hosts Nick Wiger and Heather Anne Campbell. Both are avid video game enthusiasts who make it their business to play the worst and weirdest video games ever released. Aside from the video games, this pod also hits listeners with some funny (sometimes even hysterical) conversations and odd tangents that cover everything from Michael Jordan to Jean Claude Van Damme and much more! All in all, How Did This Get Played? is a fast, funny, silly and often goofy podcast. 

But, at the same time, it presents audiences with a sharp sense of wit that helps tie it all together in the end. It’s definitely worth a listen or two...or 10....or 20. What can I say? You end up getting hooked after a few episodes.

Gamers with Jobs

Just as the name indicates, this pod is hosted by avid gamers who have jobs. What began as a news website over fifteen years ago, has grown into a popular and trendy podcast for all types of gamers. Gamers With Jobs presents its listeners with fun and witty chats about games and the latest trends happening in the gaming industry. Overall, this podcast offers listeners a great mix of characters that touch on a wide variety of games that you may have never even heard of (or bothered to play). So, if you’re in the mood for a pod that offers quick wit and entertainment, but with a more mature tone, GWJ should be on your list of must listens for this year.

Let us know which of these pods interests you the most! Also, what are we missing? Did we skip one that should be on our radar? Well, don’t hold out. Tell us what your favorite podcast is and why it deserves a top spot. We want to listen to it, too!

Until we meet again,

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