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Top 20 ESPORTS blogs to read in 2020

Top 20 ESPORTS blogs to read in 2020

In 2018, we covered the top ESPORTS blogs to read at the time, here. We had such a great time researching and discovering all of these helpful resources that we thought we would update this column for the 2020 year. Some blogs from last year became inactive, or ceased to exist entirely. We removed those from the list, updated this with some new places, and added some content giants including Bleacher Report and Redbull ESPORTS. Without further ado, here are the top 20 ESPORTS blogs to read in 2020.


ESPORTS Heaven covers the staples of the ESPORTS industry, CS:GO, League of Legends, Overwatch, and Dota 2. With coverage and interviews at the largest ESPORTS tournaments in the world, like The International 9, ESPORTS Heaven is a solid blog to consume quality coverage consistently.



ESPORTS Marketing Blog is a great resource for team owners, writers, and hardcore fans looking to see the ins and outs of the ESPORTS industry. If you have dreams of covering the ESPORTS industry through media, or just have a deep love for how the industry functions, this is a great resource for you.



Another generalized ESPORTS coverage website. Talk Esport has an amazing amount of coverage of the biggest games in the industry, as well as some of the smaller competitive scenes, including Clash Royale and Call of Duty: Mobile.



Inside WorldGaming was once another one-stop-hub for ESPORTS coverage from games such as NBA 2k, the Collegiate Starleague tournament series, among others. Now, it has moved from the more niche games into the CS:GO and Dota 2 coverage. A trend that we have been seeing many ESPORTS blogs go to. It is speculated this shift in philosophy is due to website traffic.



One of our favorite blogs, boasts a wide sweeping coverage of news in the industry. This website uses charts, analytics, and statistics in a very digestible way. ESCharts recently published a great article on the most viewed newcomers of 2019 – a great place to find your new favorite streamer.



Dexerto continues to evolve with the times and has not disappointed in 2020. With new topic inclusions such as “Entertainment” and “Cosplay,” this site has turned into a content juggernaut. From the looks of it, the target demographic audience continues to evolve with this site, making it one of our favorite places to go for breaking news in many avenues of pop culture, gaming, and entertainment.



Metabomb is a little different than most of the other blogs in this column. It is a news and guide site, tapping into audiences looking to consume ESPORTS news and entertainment, as well as players looking to improve their play and take their game to the next level. If you’re looking to improve your game, while keeping a pulse on the breaking news of the largest ESPORTS games and tournaments, this is a great resource.



Another great place to find the best, most relevant gaming and pop culture content with a very easily navigable website.  There’s a reason that Kotaku is only the tip of the Go Media’s iceberg. Go Media owns nine other websites including Deadspin, lifehacker, the ONION, Clickhole, and many others. Kotaku has branded itself as a supporter of the ESPORTS culture, as well as many other gaming communities.



Another site that covers all the most popular games, it gained a huge following covering “Fortnite.” It averages about 4-5 new articles per day, one of the most consistently updating sites on this list. VP has been very active in updating Legends of Runeterra content since its release, recently featuring Pokrovac’s decklist that he used to achieve world first, Masters rank.



Dotabuff is a website that only covers DOTA 2, and they do a really good job at it.

Dotabuff tracks hero win rates, hero pick rates, and even some wild and crazy statistics including “lowest hero healing per minute.” If you’re a DOTA 2 fan that is looking to min/max and reach the top of the ladder rankings, this is the site for you.

Additionally, on their “ESPORTS” tab, they track professional players stats including win/loss, hero picks, and other metrics.



Gosu Gamers have been an ESPORTS mainstay for years, and their accomplishments in competitive coverage as well as content creation have been some of the best in the world. They are another site that follows pretty much all the giants of the ESPORTS world, including a few fan favorites of yesteryear, Starcraft 2 and Heroes of the Storm.

Gosugamers also has a fully dedicated team rankings page for all of the games they cover: Dota 2, CS:GO, HS, HOTS, LoL, Overwatch, and SC2.


ESPN has been at the forefront of sports coverage, and they’re slowly and cautiously building out some of the best ESPORTS coverage on the internet. Much like their sports coverage, they’re not going to be going too in depth with any subject matter, mostly relying on the big highlights of the event and the results/standings, plus some player news sprinkled in there throughout. With the staffing and budget of ESPN, look for their coverage to continue to grow and mature alongside the ESPORTS communities.



The Observer has a very “news” feel to the site upon entering. The articles are formatted in a fun, inviting way that gives you the feeling of opening your morning newspaper for the latest news on all things ESPORTS. With article navigation allowing you to find your regional market and game quickly, this website is built for optimal browsing and finding your content effectively and fast. One of our favorite places to find the top trending ESPORTS articles for the day.


ESI ESPORTS Insider is another generalized ESPORTS gaming website, with elements of gambling sprinkled throughout. This is a site that not only covers the major ESPORTS, but also some of the smaller games, even mobile.

Another huge bonus is that the site features some of the best interviews and opinion pieces on some of the most important and influential players, CEOs, and dev’s. If you’re looking for complete coverage, gambling, and opinion pieces, ESPORTS Insider combined with ESPORTS Observer very well.



Team Rankstar is the black sheep of the list. Focusing entirely on digital card games, Team Rankstar fills a void in the ESPORTS industry that doesn’t receive as much national coverage and world coverage. Team Rankstar provides daily coverage of games such as MTG: Arena, Gwent, Elder Scrolls: Legends, Teppen, Eternal Card Game, Pokemon TCG, among others. If digital card game ESPORTS is your thing, this is the site for you.



“The ESPORTS YouTube playlist of the internet,” theScore ESPORTS does not disappoint with their wide array of video coverage in games such as the major ESPORTS as well as some of the smaller Battle Royale and Fighting games.

One example of an extremely interesting video that was released this month, was a video titled, “This Org Hasn’t Paid ANYONE in Months.” This video does a dive into the ESPORTS Organization, Lowkey ESPORTS, who hasn’t paid any players since Oct. of 2019.

If you’re looking for interesting, easily digestible videos from the ESPORTS community, this is your place.



Dot ESPORTS is yet again, another giant that covers all of the major ESPORTS.  With around 2 million visits per month and constantly updating content, this is one of the best places on the web for ESPORTS.

One difference we noticed immediately was the extremely in depth coverage from card game communities, specifically Magic: The Gathering. This is the first site that we noticed to have covered MTG Arena so extensively. We expect more sites to follow suit as the card game ESPORTS industry continues to grow and evolve.



The Bleacher Report Gaming/ESPORTS column is like ESPN’s coverage. Lot’s of backlinks and many times referencing other websites on this list.

The Bleacher Report is one of the most reputable sports websites in the world and if they are dipping their toes into the ESPORTS industry, you know something great is happening in this community.

In addition to providing coverage on all of the major ESPORTS, BR has an entire section on their website dedicated to NBA 2K, making this one of the best resources for NBA 2K and the NBA 2K league in the world.



We added ESL Gaming to this list due to it’s gigantic reach across the world of ESPORTS with it’s vast selection of tournaments and qualifiers to choose from.

While the ESL main site still provides many news articles per month, it’s man focus is tournament organization and outreach. You can follow you favorite ESPORTS teams and players through this website, or look for qualifiers that you and your team can participate in.

A must visit blog/site for competitors looking to consume content and the most important news on a regular basis.



One of our favorite ESPORTS blogs and a newcomer to the 2020 list, Redbull does branding players and teams right. There are many profiles of ESPORTS athletes that are extremely high-quality film production available on a regular basis.

In addition to these high-quality films, Redbull ESPORTS also releases high quality, engaging blogs covering all of the major ESPORTS.

If you’re looking documentary-style coverage and interesting videos of ESPORTS players and personalities, this is the best blog to check out.

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